Scorched Earth 2000 News Update

Revision History

v1.061 04/11/01 Small fuel bug fixed, thanks to Calebb.
v1.060 03/23/01 Fuel and password protected games added
v1.059 02/09/01 Time outs added for the game settings and player setting screens.
v1.058a 01/12/01 Minor bug with lamer mode fixed. Thanks to Sarev0k.
v1.058 01/10/01 "Lamer" mode added.
v1.057 08/7/00 Baby nuke explosion added to the Funky Bomb
Funky Nuke added
Another Inventory bug fixed
different tanks for different AIs
Show current kills and gain for the whole game, not just the current round

v1.056 08/1/00 The problem with Macs fixed -- thanks to David Risner
Auto Defense added
v1.055 07/31/00 Player left crash fixed. General increase in speed. Tracers added.
v1.054 07/27/00 Roller problem fixed. 2 new shields added
v1.053b 07/26/00 MIRV-style weapons, prices, AI adjusted
v1.053 07/25/00 Added: MIRV, Death Head, napalm damage increased, shields bug fixed
v1.052 07/23/00 Small desync problem fixed. Funky Bomb changed a bit.
v1.051c, 07/20/00 Napalm added
v1.051, 07/19/00 Inventory bug fixed. The scrollbar shouldn't disappear now.
v1.05, 07/18/00 Calculating damage code rewritten.
Killing yourself will cost you money now.
Shields change color as they loose power.
Long chat lines wrapping added.
Preview of Funky Bomb. (it will most likely look a bit different in the next versions)
v1.045f, 07/10/00 Inventory problem fixed. Plasma removed because it was the probable reason of slowdowns (thanks to Peter Kelleher for noticing it)
v1.045d, 07/07/00 bug with Netscape security fixed
v1.045, 07/05/00 Diggers and batteries added
v1.044, 06/30/00 Ability to turn sounds off, rollers
v1.043d, 06/28/00 Top 10 fixed. I wonder what else I broke.
v1.043, 06/28/00 Password encryption added. Bug fixes, many of them. Desyncs should be less frequent now. Really.
v1.042, 06/16/00 Another parachutes bug fixed. Private messages added.
v1.041c, 06/12/00 Fixed changing wind bug found by Ian and, hopefully, the annoying "space in chat" bug
v1.041b, 05/25/00 Articuno found another parachute bug and I fixed it
v1.041a, 05/23/00 Ah, I knew there would be problems with this release. Two bugs (0 power and dissapearing parachutes) fixed. Thanks to Articuno!
v1.041, 05/23/00 General clean up and performance improvement (tank falling and AI aiming)
parachutes and falling damage
the power is now restored to the maximum value on a new round (Gravitron's suggestion)
server disconnection now handled properly again
the bug when tanks color matched background exactly should be fixed now
v1.040b 05/14/00 Many server problems fixed (it should really check resolution) Power level is displayed correctly now. Shields were made not 100% effective and more expensive.
v1.039 04/26/00 A couple of bugs introduced by 1.038 fixed (more than 5 players should work fine now)
v1.038 04/23/00 A number of bugs fixed. We hope that desync is gone with them. Tooltip with player's name and power added. Usernames longer than 12 letters will be cut in some screens to make things look better.
v1.037 04/02/00 Another guest bug fixed, profile won't be written now.
v1.036 03/28/00 Game settings are now stored in profile
v1.035 03/25/00 Bug fixes (including "applet did not shutdown..."), new tank images
v1.034 03/24/00 Profiles should be stored on the server correctly (even after reboot); guests can't change their profiles;
new users and guests get help window before game starts (at last there is a reason to create an account); resolution is now checked so people with different resolution can not join the same game
v1.033 03/23/00 Sort statistics output
v1.032 03/20/00 Some sound effects added. Please write us what you think about them
v1.031 02/03/00 Weapons bug fixed [reported by Roman]
v1.03 beta 02/20/00 AI moved to separate thread. This can cause problems so beware. Please report all strange behavior.
v1.02 beta 02/19/00 Minor bug fixes (username already taken problem)
v1.01 beta 02/13/00 Small keyboard reference (press F1 to see it), minor 1024x768-related bugs fixed
v1.00 beta 12/10/99 First release