Known Problems

Tanks can hit another tank while falling and stop in the air
Windows are not compeltely redrawn sometimes [deal with this later]
In some cases user may be able to fire after he did masskill. This is bad. [but should never occur]
Chat lines may dissapear too quickly in some cases

To do

Improve AI (implement AI that is)
General clean-up
Better scrollbar in inventory window
When inventory window scroll bar is good, use it in shop to solve Mac problems

Expected features

Normal game creation mechanism which will allow to select whether you want to join a game or create your own etc [work started]
Allow master to kick off players during the game
More weapons and items:
* liquid dirt
* deflector shields
* leap frogs
* laser
* guidance weapons
* sand hogs
* riot bomb
* dirt ball
* phoenix
* cross between Napalm and MIRV

Natural hazards [?]
Different tanks must have different properties

See also our priorities